I would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation for the service we received from Zintle Nkosi.  Zintle has been a blessing to us.   She has been very caring and kind to my Mom.  She is very patient and pleasant to work with.  She has always arrived on time and has been willing to assist in any way she can.  We would highly recommend her to any family looking for assistance with an elderly patient.  Even my cat loves her.

I will be going on holiday from the 12th of September until the 23rd of September and would like to book your services again during this period.  I will follow up again two weeks before.


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you – Mumy, Noreen, Shelly, Numsa, Dora, Patience, and those whose names I regrettably have become forgetful of but are surely on your register. I kindly ask management to convey my thanks to those mentioned and those I unfortunately forgot the names of through this letter.
I want to express my deepest appreciation for the profound impact you’ve had, not only on my life but, more significantly, on my mom’s last days. Your unwavering presence made an immense difference during the challenges we faced together in caring for my dear mum. A special acknowledgment to the management team, with sincere thanks for the visits from Monica and for the support and motivational letters submitted to the medical aid.
You, the incredible ladies of ISISA Home Care, are like angels, providing comfort and solace during the most difficult times. Your dedication and support did not go unnoticed, and I am genuinely grateful for all the kindness you showered upon my mom.
Your role as friends and caregivers meant the world to her, and I know she was sincerely thankful for the companionship you offered. Thank you for investing your time and effort in brightening each day for her. Your love and empathy have left an indelible mark on my heart.
To all the nurses, thank you for being a source of comfort, love, and strength for both my mom and me. Your kindness has created beautiful memories that I will always cherish.
With heartfelt thanks.

Kevin Walker

Thabiso has been such a pillar, support and strength for my Mum during these last days.

God bless Thabiso for everything he and the team has done for us all.

Naseera Bodiat

Your ladies that looked after Philip in his last couple of days were amazing. So gentle and understanding and assisted so much in making him as comfortable as possible.

It was a pleasure to have such professionalism in my home.

Thanks once again.

Gill Shapiro

Thank you so much for everything.

Mumsy ,who was placed with my mom, was amazing.  We could not have managed without her love, kindness and compassion towards my mom.

I am forever grateful for her and your services that you offer patients in need.

May God bless you all for the work you do.

Thank you.

Chantal Smallwood

What a gem you have at Isisa Nursing Agency!

Not only did I mention to you, at the time, that Flo was incredible with my late mom, both in nature, and in being proactive in making my mom as comfortable as she could be, before she passed away on the 1st September.

Flo has just followed up with me to see how I am coping!

This is a service level, which deserves the highest praise!

In my mind, many could learn compassion, professionalism, and “creative” ways from Flo, in their patient care.

I am so impressed, and so amazed at the level of gentleness, kindness and empathy shown by Flo, to both my mom, and myself.

Please send my email to whomever may need to see this compliment in writing.

Thanks kindly, and take care

Jody Sneag

Thank you so much for your heartfelt condolences and kind words. A huge loss for myself and my children and all the community. Neil was the most incredible human being who loved everybody and everybody loved him. Pat and Thakane were angels from heaven and looked after Neil with such care and dignity. It was a pleasure to deal with your organisation.

 Many thanks for your professional services given over with such compassion and nurturance.

 Warm regards

Joy Saffer

We also want to thank Isisa for their assistance the past few weeks in helping us to make a very difficult situation bearable.

Pinkie was a breath of fresh air, to a very daunting time. She was great.

Karen Niekerk

Recognition for excellent service – far beyond expectations.

What a great privilege it was for me to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the outstanding service you and your team are providing in looking after my wife Dawn’s well-being and very special caring needs. I’ve seen and learned from them what caring is really all about.

I can only express my admiration for the two ladies Hazel Fanyane and Martha Mosia who have gone far beyond any call of duty to lend a hand where ever it may seem to be needed.

Your support staff, Mary (what a star), June and Lorraine are extremely courteous, kind, highly efficient and supportive whenever their input is required.

Congratulations on surrounding you with such an incredible team of people.

In much admiration and unlimited appreciation.

Sarel Liebenberg

Daphne came to care for me from Isisa Healthcare and stayed until I was sufficiently independent enough to no longer require her services. She came seven days a week for that period. I found her to be very caring with a warm and gentle disposition and the ability to preempt my needs. She very quickly found her way around my house and nothing was too much trouble for her to take on and help me. We quickly formed a friendship and could laugh and talk together. Her command of English was quite good and she was well able to carry out any tasks asked of her.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone requiring assistance after an operation or needing help due to frailty of any kind.

Ann Fairfax

Whilst staying with my daughter June after my fall, I had Rose, from Isisa looking after me. I would like to tell you that she really is an excellent and caring person. She helped me to get walking quicker by taking me walks 3 times a day and also massaging my back several times a day, plus bathing and helping me dress and numerous other jobs. She certainly spoilt me with her love and care and always with a smile on her face. I can recommend her to anyone.
Thank you Isisa, for providing me with her wonderful services.

EJ Jackson

I would like to take this opportunity to give some nice positive feedback on your Nursing Sister Albertina. Albertina was with us for 2 weeks assisting my wife at home after surgery for a brain aneurysm. She was pleasant, courteous, professional and arrived timeously each morning. She took a genuine interest in my wife’s well being and built a good rapport with her while she was there. Her duties included ensuring the correct post surgical medication was administered each day as well as assisting with post therapy neuro assignments during the week. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing home care assistance.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ISISA for their professionalism in all of the dealings with me to date, from booking of the nursing personnel required, to forwarding the accounts directly through to my Medical Aid for processing. It has been a pleasure dealing with your organisation! Thanking you all.

Paul Anthony

A few short weeks ago had never heard of Isisa. When my wife was discharged from hospital to be cared for at home, I was under the impression that with help during the day I would be able to cope with providing nighttime care. How wrong I was.  I needed help and was introduced to Isisa.

From my first call to you Sr Mary, I knew I was in safe hands. The entire time helped us through a traumatic period of our family’s lives. The organizing of carers to come to our home at short notice was very appreciated. The carers apart from being competent, displayed compassion and empathy and brought an atmosphere of calm into our home. In the last hours of my wife’s life, Emily was exceptional in taking care of the situation in a calm supportive manner.

A big thank you to all at Isisa.

Michael Krain

We’re very grateful for the excellent support provided for my parents, Jane and Stephen Anderson at Pinelands since October. It was a challenge to change nursing care and support after 2 years with another agency, but your staff have proved it was worth the switch with positive levels of trust.

Special mention is due to Sister Mary Hook and Sister June for coordinating our needs and supervising ongoing nursing standards, but our special gratitude goes to Emelina, Sandy, Lindiwe and Gertrude who have kept and continue to keep my parents lives rolling smoothly every day and every night. Fantastic people.

I have since been able to recommend ISISA’s services to other parties with confidence, so please keep up the good work and I hope it’ll prove a very happy year for everyone concerned in the months ahead.

Phoebe Anderson

I could not go with not sending you and your team a note of gratitude and to commend your most professional caring service.

As you know my mom passed away on the 19th of July very quickly from pancreatic cancer which was only diagnosed 12 days before that. Your nursing services company and others were recommended to me by Hospice. I made calls to them to enquire about nursing services. Your company was the only one who did not just treat the situation as a business – you were the only one who showed empathy and sent the details immediately. You even went a step further to bring the nurse personally and did this before you had even received a deposit from me. The other companies did not ask any questions and simply sent their rates late the following day. I called you late on the Thursday and you were here first thing on Friday morning with Sandy. We also only asked for a nurse for Saturday night very late Saturday afternoon and you sent us an angel Clara (hope I have the spelling of her name correct) who was trained to cope with a dying person. She was so gentle and did more than her best and shared in our sadness when my mom passed away at 05h37 Sunday morning.

Unfortunately my mom passed away very quickly and we only had your services from Friday and Saturday day and night. Sandy and Clara were so caring, kind, empathetic and skilled in what they do and they cared for my mom and assisted her as if she was related to them. Please convey my sentiments to them and thank them for me

In gratitude to you all and thank you for everything. May god bless your good work!

Michelle Gordon

I have had the wonderful Angel coming to assist me with bathing and other chores. I am now able to cope on my own and no longer require her services. Angel was really fantastic. Friendly and professional. Please let her know she will be missed.

Sue van Staden

Thank you for the kind attention you have given my Mother-in-law over the past few months. I must say that Margaret and the Night nurse we had for some time were wonderful people.

I am happy to say that they have nursed her into health and she can now attend to herself.

Mrs Summerly

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